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Bangladesh has over 23 million students, and like another developed country, part-time job opportunity is meagre here. Since normal labour is cheap, many businesses do not want to hire students at their companies. Moreover, our society does not see working part-time positively.

However, more and more well-off students want to earn money to maintain their pocket expenses and poor students want a stable income source to maintain their lives. Therefore, we have created a platform where students can earn money using their smartphones and the internet.

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Bangladesh has over 23 million students, and, as in any developed country, part-time job opportunities are limited. Many businesses do not want to hire students because regular labour is inexpensive. Furthermore, working part-time is not regarded positively in our society.

However, more and more well-off students want to earn money to cover their pocket expenses, while poor students want a consistent source of income to support their education. As a result, we developed a platform to earn money by using their smartphones and the internet.

Mobile ready task

Tasks are made in a way that you can do that completely on the mobile app.

Review Easily

You can view the status of your under review tasks

Earn money Online

Well, it depends on your skill level. If you like high-skilled tasks, you can earn more than 1000 taka per month. On the other hand, if you like jobs that need low skills, then you can make an average of 300 takas per month.

We Keep It Simple

cWork is the only app in Bangladesh that pays real money for doing real tasks online in a mobile app. We are in operation for more than 4 years. So first, you can join our Facebook group, and then you see how closely we work with our contributors.

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We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

cWork is a micro job platform where you can perform small tasks and get paid for them. This is the first micro-task platform in Bangladesh where you can earn money from the android mobile app. cWork is the best money-making android app in Bangladesh.

The tasks could be easy or hard, depending on your choice. If you like works that do not require that much knowledge or skills, you can do those at cWork. Examples of those types of works could be watching videos, subscribing, liking, and collecting data.

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if you like work that requires a high level of skills, you can do that too at cWork. These types of works usually pay way more than low-skilled work. High skills works are like content writing, graphics design, and app testing.

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