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cWork is a crowdsourced micro job platform. We have a pool of thousands of young people aged 18 to 34 who work on our platform every day. Currently, we are offering content writing services, medical data analytics, and social media promotion services to the business utilizing our digital student worker. Moreover, we sell learning materials to the students at a low cost to learn how to earn money on our platform.

cWork is a platform for micro gigs. Every day, thousands of young people between the ages of 18 and 34 work on our platform. We currently provide content writing services, medical data analytics, and social media promotion services to businesses through our digital student workers. Furthermore, we offer low-cost learning materials to students who want to learn how to make money on our platform.


First of all, our target customer for content writing services is small businesses. Secondly, our target customer for medical analytics is large pharmaceutical companies that use our medical prescriptions data collected by digital workers from Bangladesh for their marketing analysis. Thirdly, individual social media content creators use our social media promotion service to boost their youtube channel subscribers, Instagram, and TikTok followers.

The main competitive advantage we have is the local resources. We groom them in our Facebook group to make them experts in the task we bring to our platform. Since Bangladeshi students make the third-largest digital workforce in the world, being a local company here, we get their trust, and we can teach them properly in native languages.

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cWork Microjob Limited thrives to give its best to the task that has its edge. We have thousands of skilled worker who will work for your company. We curated those content before it goes to you. We ensure highest quality

Content generation
Clinical Data
YouTube Promotion

Tailor-Made YouTube Promotion

People are being paid to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Allow me to demonstrate how we created a platform for you that includes a dashboard and a mobile app for workers who subscribe to your channel. When you submit a job from your dashboard, it is routed to our admin panel and reviewed to see if your channel adheres to our community guidelines. We publish it on the mobile app if it meets the requirements of the community. 

It takes 5-10 minutes on average to review your channel. Thousands of people begin subscribing to your YouTube channel the moment it becomes available on our mobile app. When you buy a YouTube membership package from us, you pay in advance. They subscribe to your channel because you pay them.

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